SEO Analysis – Some Important Tools

The visibility and position of our website is very important to our business and so, we need to make sure that our optimization efforts are successful. We need to constantly monitor the progress of our site and determine the loopholes or errors which can affect the overall ranking or positioning of our site. Thus, seo analysis in an important aspect in the process of optimizing a website and there are quite a few tools available in the market, which can help us in this process.
Here is a list of few more SEO analysis tools that people can use:
1) Rank Checker – This is a very simple tool that can be added as a Firefox extension or plug-in. While browsing the internet, you can run this tool and it will check your website for positioning related data. It will then create a report which will include data about different aspects of your site. However, some people have questioned the reliability of this data. It is a free tool and so there is nothing much to complain about.
2) Popuri – This tool blends a lot of information into one report and it provides information about Page Rank as per Alexa, Rankeo and other sites. It also tells you about links, links reported by Yahoo and more. It calculates the overall popularity of the site based on these different parameters.
3) Raven – It is one of the tools, which has become popular over a period of time and it gives you a score of your site, which is obtained from SEO analysis of your site based on its content, the usage of tags, etc. It is a good tool to understand the overall performance of the website.
4) SEO Grader – Another great tool which can be utilized to obtain a complete SEO report of your site. It helps in finding the status of your page in different search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc., indexed pages, level of traffic, and appearances in Dmoz as well as other directories etc.
5) SEO-Centro – This is a useful tool for SEO analysis which gives you a good idea about the keyword density in your site. Based on its report, one can determine the usage of important keywords and improve the optimization of the site, based on those keywords. It also helps in checking ranks, analyzing Meta Tags, determining popularity of links and even suggests keywords for the site.