WoW Quick Leveling Tips- TBC WoW Gold

Have you ever switching methods again and again just to make your character level up faster? I have done it before, and it ain’t pleasant at all. I’m SURE that a better method to level my character, get up to date gears, and gain sufficient gold exist; I’ve seen my friends did that. But I really don’t have any ide how they can accomplish that.

The following is some WoW quick leveling strategies which I have found:

  1. Locate an Inn or Capital City before you log out

Cliché method, but for a player who cannot log in everyday like me, the rested XP system is quite valuable asset.

If you’re in an Inn or capital city, your player portrait will glow and your level circle will say “zzz”. This sign indicated that you are resting; just log off there and your character will stay rested while you are offline. Every eight hours resting, you’re going to get one bar of rested XP which is equal to 5% of a level.

  1. Ask higher level player to run me in dungeons

Used in every other MMORPG. The basic is ask someone with higher level to group with you, kill some high level monsters in high level dungeons, and get the shared experience points. It is an easy solution to level up in really short time. The drawback is you cannot use this method at will since it is highly dependant on other character. If the high level character is not your friend, you will need to give him other benefit such as gold or items.

  1. Utilize Appropriate Talent Build

Except you have a special talent build planned, concentrate your talent distribution to killing abilities to help you eliminate monsters as quick as you can. This could greatly improve your leveling speed.

  1. Acquire bags as quickly as possible

No matter how great your other WoW quick leveling strategies are, you simply cannot go fast if you continue to keep wasting your time on pointless run. In your early days, even junks are worthwhile and you don’t want to run back and forth to vendor just because you can’t carry them all. Obtain bags as soon as you can afford it and avoid wasting your time running around selling stuff.

  1. Questing with an optimized quest series

You will find huge number of quest in world of warcraft and doing a series of chosen quests in the correct order is the fastest strategy to reach level 80. The problem is selecting the best quests with the best rewards and can be done simultaneously with other quests. It is really vital to be time efficient; you don’t want to running around finishing one quest while you can finish two at the same time!

Additionally, you don’t need to hang around trying to find a group if you go on questing. Whenever you select the right time to accept it, doing solo is faster and can get you much more rewards.Well, unless you are eager to spend your time studying and testing quests, I recommend you to following a guide for this method.


The fastest method in leveling is questing, there are no doubt about that. If you have acquired a solid guide for that, your leveling problem is as good as gone. All that left is spend your time and effort to follow the guide.